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Making your bed - what really fulfills you?

What fulfills you? How do you know?

I have always felt it is important to have something to aspire to. A goal of some kind. When you ‘get there’ (I used to think) that means you’ve ‘made it’.

More recently a professional coach helped me by asking some powerful questions?

-What is REALLY important to you?

-How do you know?

-What do you know you DON’T want?

So, good to have goals - absolutely. Also, really good to work out what is really important to you. This will change over time. Your values will remain more constant, whilst your goals are likely to shift more often.

As a metaphor - life is like a bed, just when you think you’ve ‘made it’ you end up ‘re-making’ it. Sometimes you change the sheets (always nice to get into a freshly made bed! 😀).....

Part of a fulfilling life is about re-imagining what your ‘made it’ looks like for you. Please Comment on LinkedIn here

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