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Rake and Wheelbarrow

'The Toolkit'

Structured Coaching Training

Coaching is a forward-looking process in which an individual determines the focus and objectives of the session discussion in order to maximize their personal and professional potential. A professional coach is trained in the use of particular methodologies and strategies (a kind of ‘toolkit’) to enhance this process.

‘The Toolkit’ programme introduces in an explicit and structured way various coaching methodologies.  This is designed for those that want to explicitly understand these methodologies, possibly in order to develop themselves and/ or their coaching skills.

‘The toolkit’ can be delivered to an individual through a structured 6 month programme, or to groups through a series of facilitated workshops.

The Toolkit

The programme explores particular methodologies:

Knowing self

  • Where am I now (1 session) – explores particular approaches to audit where as individual is right now.  How they see their world, and what they want to work towards.

  • My values (1 session) – what is really important to me?  How do I know? How can I ensure I am honouring my values?  How this supports decision making and life choices.  This session helps you to develop an internal compass that always points to the ‘true’ for you.

  • My Purpose (1 session) – exploring the ‘why’ of things.  Developing a sense of the direction you wish to go in personally and professionally, including future visioning.

  • Self-distancing techniques (4 session)  – the frameworks and evidence-based research behind thinking differently in order to enhance our capacity for positive change.

    • Limiting beliefs – what gets in the way of us making real progress?  A full exploration of the limiting personas (‘Saboteurs’) within us.  Their particular traits, what triggers them, the lies they tell us, and the impact they have on us. 

    • Expansive beliefs  - what are the positive mindsets that allow us to be creative, innovate and grow?  Developing enabling ‘Positive personas’

Seeing differently

  • Looking at things differently (2 sessions) – ‘We can’t always change our situation, but we can control and change our relationship with it’.  A range of techniques that allow us to

    • Shift perspective - overcoming inertia and feeling ‘stuck’

    • Moving from unconscious reaction to conscious action

    • Identify new perspectives – techniques that allow us to cultivate new ways of looking at a single issue in order to develop news ways of perceiving it, generate a wider range of options for addressing it, and actions going forward that a tackle it

    • Be comfortable with holding (and utilizing) multiple perspectives

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

Change can feel messy, unfamiliar and uncomfortable.  The remaining sessions of the programme offer a flexible approach to embedding and utilizing these techniques and methodologies.  These sessions allow you to be coached, and to revisit and enhance your use of the toolkit. (3 sessions)

The stages of learning

Navigate – What tools do I currently have?  This stage is all about exploration of self; the ‘here and now’, and well as possible ‘futures and objectives’. 

Investigate – What new tools are available to me?   Exploring the methodologies of ‘the toolkit’.  Developing knowledge and an understanding of their purpose, particular use and implementation

Activate – How can I access the tools?  Each ‘tool’ in the toolkit is used to best effect when we develop ways to utilise them ‘in the moment’.  This stage is about developing ways to ‘trigger’ the use of these tools autonomously and automatically, rather than cognitively.

Associate – What tools are best for what I need to achieve?  Begin to develop a deep understanding of how and where to use which tools for which circumstance.

Integrate – How do I become a skilled user of the tools?  Deepening one’s practice and use of the tools

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