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Professional Coaching

Clarity, Career, Challenge, Change

Professional Coaching            

Clarity - We help you develop a stronger sense of understanding around professional/ career issues you are facing.  Being clear about what the issue actually is, and what the underlying reasons might be as well as the consequences of these.

Career - Of course, being clear about an issue is only helpful if you then have a sense of all the things you could do to deal with it.  We can help you take an issue and view it from a range of different perspectives.  You may not be able to change an issue but you can change your relationship with that issue through different perspectives.   You’ll develop a greater understanding of what the range of choices are, and which ones ‘fit you best’ in your professional role.

Challenge - Developing clarity and perspective gives you a strong sense of choice. Sometimes we feel ‘stuck’ and don’t’ know ‘what to do next’. Having built a range of perspectives around an issue, you’ll find it easier to consider options that might take you forward in terms of ‘how you want to be’ as well as what you ‘want to do’. These will give you a stronger sense of control. The 'challenge' comes from ensuring that any choices made focus on growth and positive change.


Change & Commitment - Through this process you’ll get a sense of what you ‘could do’ and what you ‘will do’, as well as ‘what you could be’ and what you ‘will be’. We will help you decide what course of action you want to take, and also help you ‘hold yourself to account’ so that you can be confident in taking positive action toward dealing with the issue.

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