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Leadership Development

Facilitation and Design

We have worked with many organisations to design and facilitate leadership development programmes.  As trained and licensed workshop facilitators with over 30 years experience, working with you, 4Cs can provide bespoke leadership development programmes for your people.


We work with professionals, teams, and organisations.  We help you develop a greater sense of clarity around priorities like your personal, team or organisational objectives.  Clarity around what the issues you are facing are - whether that’s individual, team or organisational; whether it’s linked to the market, or opportunities.  We design facilitated professional development around these with your context and objectives in mind.           


We help you work through how you interact with an issue, we work with you on perspective building so you can view an issue or context from a range of perspectives (this might be from a stakeholder perspective, for example), 


We help you identify the range of options available and help you work through the pros and cons of these,                

Commitment & Change

Having a range of choices, and a deeper understanding of these allows us to move forward with you to taking decisions, action planning (whether personal development planning, team or organisational development planning) so that you are clear on the actions you want to take and how you will know that it’s working.  We’ll help you make sure that you have a range of provisions in place that hold you to account.

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