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Positive Intelligence®

Mental Fitness Programme

"An incredibly accessible programme grounded in neuroscience, that provides simple and impactful tools and strategies. The continuous engagement through the App helps embed practice and awareness every day, which is highly beneficial.  In short, just try it, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain." (PQ Programme participant)

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Offered in partnership with Shirzad Chamine’s ground-breaking Positive Intelligence®, this is a mental fitness programme. It can be done in conjunction with any of the 4Cs coaching services, or as a stand alone programme. Positive Intelligence® clients include Stanford University, Yale University, HP, and Google.

This is an exceptionally well designed programme; versatile and research-based it allows individuals to develop their ability to self-manage,  especially at times of uncertainty, and to think more creatively and innovatively. Taking evidence from neuroscience, positive psychology, cognitive psychology, and performance science; this 6-week programme will build you 'mental muscles'.

Outcomes include 31% increase in measurable performance, 19% improvement in analytical ability, 3-fold increase in creativity, enhanced wellbeing. For teams this programme helps them work together to build cohesion and effectiveness. By building a collective understanding of themselves and their team members significant improvements in professional interactions and team effectiveness are outcomes.

Participants (whether as an individual or a team) explore in great depth individual and collective perspectives on recognising limiting belief - what’s getting in the way, and how to reduce the influence of limiting beliefs building enabling beliefs and resources - what will enable them to succeed through innovation and collective creativity techniques to build better self-command (self-management)

This is a 6-week programme.  Support comes with a weekly video resource, a mobile App for building positive habits daily, and weekly (brief) meetings (known as Pods).  This program continues to be available for 1 year after the 6-week programme is complete),


Powerful auditing tools

Take the PQ Saboteur audit to establish your dominant limiting beliefs that affect your happiness, interactions with others, and performance. 

The PQ App delivers a highly personalised tailored programme of material (videos, daily activities etc) around the personal profile of each participant.


Your Profile

Compete the PQ audit to determine your Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ Score) to measure the relative strength of your positive mindset muscles (Sage) versus the negative limiting influencers (Saboteurs). 

Measure your progress as you strengthen your 'mental muscles'.


The PQ App

Access 'anytime anywhere' learning: 

  • weekly themed videos that introduce the programme concepts

  • access daily tasks (audio) to build positive habits that reduce the negative influencers and strengthen positive mental perspectives

  • track progress through a progress dashboard;

  • reflect on learning and progress through an in-App journal

  • collaborate with an online PQ Community

  • continue to have access to the App after the 6-week programme for 1 full year.


Knowledge and Understanding

You'll develop a deep understanding of yourself - both your limiting beliefs (Saboteurs) and your inner creative resources (Sage). 

In doing so, your actions will be targeted and tailored to optimise your growth as you develop your 'mental muscles'

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