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Perfectionist Saboteur

Updated: May 30, 2022

Don’t Let Perfection get in the way of the ‘Good Enough’ - How the 80:20 can help

Why perceived perfection is holding you back.

How might your limiting beliefs result in you getting in your own way?

It’s a phrase we hear from time to time….’Practice makes perfect’. Yet, does it really? I recall my rugby coach at school adding an amendment – ‘Perfect practice makes perfect’.

I wonder how often we consciously, or unconsciously for that matter, actually engage in ‘perfectionist behaviours’ or even ‘perfectionist thinking’? How often do we feel the compulsion to do things ‘just right’. After all, if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well …… isn’t it?

  • Do you ever feel the compulsion to tweak or adjust something so it is just as you want it?

  • Do you find yourself actively giving lots of time to nuance and detail, and getting frustrated at ‘sloppy’ approaches to work or ‘lazy’ attitudes?

  • Can you spot a typo in an email at 500m away?

  • Does aspiring towards things being ‘just right’ feel like a life’s work – something that brings an inner sense of satisfaction?

Well, if so, it turns out you are not alone. It seems that there are those in leadership who, despite having many admirable qualities and well-developed skills, feel an inner compulsion to take control and exert an influence on experiences, tasks, or interactions.

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