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Avoider - Eat that frog

Why is perceived unpleasantness holding you back?

How might your limiting beliefs result in you getting in your own way?

It’s a phrase we hear from time to time….’For the avoidance of doubt’. Yet, how often does ‘doubt’ lead to ‘avoidance’? I wonder how often we consciously, or unconsciously for that matter, actually engage in ‘avoidance behaviours’ or even ‘avoidance thinking’?

  • Do you ever feel the compulsion to not engage in something?

  • Do you find yourself actively avoiding something that is perhaps challenging or may even be (at least be perceived to be) potentially confrontational or unpleasant?

  • Does uncertainty make you feel anxious and lead to inertia?

Well, if so, it turns out you are not alone. It seems that there are some in leadership who, despite having many admirable qualities and well-developed skills, feel an inner compulsion to step away from experiences, tasks, or interactions, that may feel, or perceived to be, negative in some way.

It seems that the crux of this is the extent to which we perceive the up-coming experience to be ‘negative’ or unpleasant in nature. Read full article here

Avoider-Eat that Frog
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