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Don't let 'Perfection' get in the way of the 'Good Enough' - How the 80:20 rule can help.

For the month of August my wife and her sister committed to walking 10,000 steps every day to raise money for National Breast Cancer Foundation. This was a significant commitment to something that was important to them. . 'How can I support?' ....I asked myself. Simple, offer some moral support and literally 'walk the walk'. The achievement is theirs...

This led to me to commit to continuing this new 'habit'. However, my 'Perfectionist' was whispering "You'll never do that every day.... so why bother?"....Unfortunately these internal limiting beliefs do tend to hold us back. Coaching has helped me 'notice' the voice of the Perfectionist and develop strategies to reduce its limiting impact. I took a different view..... aspiring toward something positive is better than giving up before you start. The 80:20 rule was a helpful ally here too - for 100 days make 80 of these at least 10,000 steps / keep your average on or above 10,000. This approach 'quietened' my Perfectionist voice and allowed me to stay committed to my goal. 87 days out 97 over 10K so far.

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