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With Gratitude, optimism is sustainable

It seems that practicing gratitude has several positive benefits.

How and when have you practiced gratitude today?

Research in Positive Psychology suggests that practicing gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness through positive emotions.

In doing so, we relish experiences, improve our ability to deal with adversity and challenge, enhance connection and relationships.

When I coach leaders, I often find that gratitude is camouflaged; a subtle practice that is more often shared outwardly for others, but more rarely given to self.

What would it be like habitually acknowledge others AND give time and space to acknowledge yourself, your impact, or even the smallest of positively framed experiences?

We know that we are often able to look back at the most challenging of experiences and recognise the positive things that have come from them. Retrospective reflection helps us:

  • See what we knew that helped us deal with the challenge.

  • Acknowledge what new learning came from that challenge.

  • Recognise the skills and capabilities that were exercised and developed in dealing with the challenge.

  • Consider the gifts and opportunities that arose from that particular experience.

If we can practice gratitude retrospectively, how can we do so contemporaneously…. In the moment?

As Michael J Fox once said: “With gratitude, optimism is sustainable”

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