Don't let 'Perfection' get in the way of the 'Good Enough' - How the 80:20 rule can help.

For the month of August my wife and her sister committed to walking 10,000 steps every day to raise money for National Breast Cancer Foundation. This was a significant commitment to something that was important to them. . 'How can I support?' ....I asked myself. Simple, offer some moral support and literally 'walk the walk'. The achievement is theirs... This led to me to commit to continuing this new 'habit'. However, my 'Perfectionist' was whispering "You'll never do that ev

Superheros and Saboteurs

Superheros and Saboteurs: We all have inner personas. Some hold us back (limiting beliefs) and are sometimes referred to as 'saboteurs'. Others are like a team of inner allies, our inner 'superheros'. A coach can help bring these inner personas to life so you can make best use of them and work towards your aspirations. Here, a BBC article unpacks the research a little more..... #coaching #leadership #wellbeing#professionallearning

Coaching and Wellbeing - Natural Partners?

In this blog I outline the first 6 months of a 'Coaching for Wellbeing' programme co-designed and implemented with Making Stuff Better and Dulwich International High School Zhuhai, in South China This blog shares insights into how you begin to build a coaching and wellbeing culture in a school, and the positive impact (as well as the challenges) of implementing such a programme in an organisation. Read the full article #coaching #wellbeing #casestudy #education #coachingtrai