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The Hyper-Vigilant Saboteur – The Worry Wart

Why focusing on risk is holding you back

It is a phrase we hear from time to time, referring to someone as a ….’worry wart’. We often do this in recognition of what we believe to be an unfounded or unrealistic perspective that is focused on risk and negative outcome.

Yet, how often do we feel the need to at least consider risk and risk mitigation? In our decision-making, to give consideration to both risks and rewards, would be regarded by many as balanced, prudent and sensible.

Despite this, in its more exaggerated or extreme form, a tendency towards vigilance (both thinking and behaviours) can be limiting.

  • Do you ever feel that you must be cognisant of all the things that could go wrong?

  • Do you tend to feel anxious about potential risk?

  • Do you have a constant expectation that things will go wrong?

  • Do you have a belief that others are too confident and it’s your job to protect the process and the team - after all, things often don’t work out as planned?

Well, if so, it turns out you are not alone. It seems that there those in leadership who, despite having many admirable qualities and well-developed skills, feel an inner compulsion to scan for and recognise risk.

A desire to protect those around you, and take on the burden for your community. It is this sense of vigilance and accountability that characterises those with Hyper-Vigilant tendencies

Read the full article here:

Hyper-Vigilant-The Worry Wart
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