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Wellbeing - building a culture that delivers

How well do schools do wellbeing?

There is a wellbeing crisis that schools. Mental health services, mental health practitioners and school-based staff are all too aware of it.

The barometer that measures wellbeing is more finely tuned of late; it is more sensitive in the Covid-19 world, as people experience relatively long periods of isolation, disruption to habits, uncertainty, and an online existence that can’t quite compensate for in-person communal interaction.

At this time there is a need for those in school communities to ‘make sense of all this’ uncertainty and change. Arguably, the refined and highly skilled process of engaging in a coaching conversation can help students, staff and families to reflect, process, review and distil issues of concern. When focusing on student wellbeing, coaching approaches can provide tools for reframing and changing perspective, and give a greater sense of choice and control (agency) as they navigate through the environment of cognitive dissonance in which they exist.

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